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Move More, Sleep Better and Longer

New research presented at the 22nd Annual Meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS) shows that “an acute session of moderate aerobic exercise, but not heavy aerobic or moderate strength exercises” can improve the amount and quality of sleep for people with insomnia (without resorting to pharmaceutical sleep-aids). What exactly does “acute” mean in […]

There Are Many Paths to Wellness

Our will to survive, even under the direst of circumstances, is the most powerful force within us. Before we evolved into the thoughtful, creative and intelligent creatures that we are, survival was pure instinct. But today it is equally grounded in our appreciation for being part of this wonderful existence on Earth. As we have […]

Sleep Is Good Medicine

Sleep Is Good Medicine

Next time you’re tempted to push yourself and go without adequate sleep, consider this. An analysis of recent scientific studies finds that people who experience chronic sleeplessness may exhibit the following problems: decreased concentration slower reaction time disturbed emotions increased sensitivity to pain impaired immune response increased risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease SOURCE […]

Pillow Talk - Choosing the Right Pillow

Pillow Talk – Choosing the Right Pillow

Using the wrong pillow is one of the most common causes of chronic sleep deprivation. Learn how to choose the right pillow for the way you sleep. One of the most common and least discussed health risks in today’s society is sleep deprivation. Every night, fewer Canadians are getting the recommended eight hours of sleep, […]

Protect-A-Bed Commercial

Protect-A-Bed Commercial

Protect-A-Bed commercial. When you buy a new mattress from us, please don’t forget to ask about a mattress protector. We carry a few options for you to choose from.

Do I Have Bed Bugs?

Do I Have Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs have become a major concern once again, in our city and many others around the globe.  This short video posted on YouTube is pretty good at offering tips, without being gross.  And it offers a bonus of background music – if you like that kind of thing.    So, if you are not sure […]

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