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Mismatch Mattress

Why is a Mismatch Mattress Your Best Value?

First, let us explain what a true mismatch mattress is. A mismatch mattress is one that is padded on both sides with different fabric. Mismatch doesnʼt mean the pairing of a box with a different color than the mattress.

Mismatch mattresses can be made in all qualities and grades. Not all mismatch mattresses are created equal. Ours are made with the best coils (800 continuous), the thickest, plushest fabric panels, fiber pad and edge guard support. All fabric panels are deluxe – like stretch knits, bamboo and organic cotton. Some mismatch mattresses are plush on one side and firm on the other. Or they can have the same feel on both sides of the bed.

There are many reasons these deluxe fabric panels make their way into mismatch production. The fabrics may have been discontinued, or cancelled, or have slight aesthetic imperfections like a stitch difference, or a tiny blemish of some sort. The imperfections are never, ever structural.

Every week we receive an update from the manufacturer on what fabrics they have left over that week. We get first choice and priority on the most deluxe quilted mattress panels they have accumulated because we pay our manufacturer immediately on receipt of invoice, not in 30, 60, or 90 days.

On a store by store basis, we are Restwellʼs largest purchaser. And the reason we like to buy so much from Restwell is they are the best company weʼve worked with over the years. They provide top quality mattresses, prompt + reliable service, they are not morally bankrupt and they provide the most value for the money.

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