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Mattress Buying Tips

  1. When buying for two, take your partner with you. Both of you should make the decision.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes you can remove easily.
  3. Lie down and relax for a while. You can’t judge support and comfort by sitting on an edge or lying down for a few seconds. Don’t be shy. Lie on your side. Are your hips and shoulders comfortable? Now try it with your partner. Will you be fighting for space?
  4. Shop at a store you know and trust to give you good information, good service, and top quality products.
  5. You need a good mattress not an expensive one.
  6. Some ads offer a free frame or free delivery. Nothing is for free.
  7. The No-Flip feature of most mattresses is promoted as a great benefit to the consumer. The truth is the mattresses are not made with padding on the other side.  By doing this they have cut costs tremendously. The problem is a one-sided mattress will last half as long as a two-sided mattress.


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