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Dara Pocket Coil Mattress

The Dara is a 1020 foam encased pocket coil mattress that is popular for some that don’t want a bed made with the super firm foam (2/95). You get a bit softer feel without the downside of developing major body impressions since there is a 1″ piece of 1.65 lb 36 lb compression foam inside […]

Harlow Pocket Coil Mattress

This is one of our firmest 1020 foam encased pocket coil mattresses. With one solid inch of 2/95 on each side! A lot of people choose this mattress after having a bad experience with a mattress that is one sided that looks like a wedding cake… Thick, plush and starts dipping and showing major body […]

Bennett Pocket Coil Mattress

The Bennett is our foam encased pocket coil mattress, at our starting price, in our firm mattress line up with 1020 foam encased, 6″ pocket coil compressed into a 5″ pocket giving it a little more firmness along with a 1/2″ of 2/95 which is again on both sides (two-sided). It’s firm and durable. Provides […]

Arbutus Continuous Coil Mattress

Another one of our oldest mattresses in our best sellers lineup. Why? Because it is a super durable, really firm continuous coil mattress that lasts. Inside, it has 1″ of 2 lb density 95 compression foam with a fiber pad, a lumbar pad to support your back and 1″ quilting to a bamboo fabric. Same […]

Majesty Mattress

This mattress is one of our most popular and has been a staple in our lineup for years. If your budget is on the lower side, this is where you’re getting substance for your dollar. The Majesty has 800 continuous coil, fibre pad, 1/2 ” layer of foam, plus 1″ foam quilted to the cover. […]

Mismatch Mattress

Mismatch Mattress

First, let us explain what a true mismatch mattress is. A mismatch mattress is one that is padded on both sides with different fabric. Mismatch doesnʼt mean the pairing of a box with a different color than the mattress. Mismatch mattresses can be made in all qualities and grades. Not all mismatch mattresses are created […]

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