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Bennett Pocket Coil Mattress

P-Bennett-250The Bennett is our foam encased pocket coil mattress, at our starting price, in our firm mattress line up with 1020 foam encased, 6″ pocket coil compressed into a 5″ pocket giving it a little more firmness along with a 1/2″ of 2/95 which is again on both sides (two-sided). It’s firm and durable. Provides limited motion transfer.

To get an awesome quality, foam encased pocket coil mattress for not crazy doe, this is the mattress for you. If it’s good enough for the boss’s wife, it’s good enough for you. (Seriously, we have this bed at home.) If, the comfort level is to your preference.

The Bennett pocket coil mattress is popular for boats, RVs and campers because of it’s low-profile, at about 8 1/2 inches thick. The Bennett works well with modern bedroom furniture; you can see more of your headboard because of it’s low-profile.

If you need this mattress for your RV or made Asian size (approximately 59″ W x 74.5″ L), good news! It’s the same price as a queen size mattress, but we would have to order it in for you. You get it in 5 – 7 business days.

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