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Our Team

Our Team

We want you to think about something for a moment… Have you ever noticed how some businesses seem to have a high staff turnover rate?  Have you noticed the temporary business card a salesperson hands you when shopping for a mattress?  Their name is just “stamped” on the card, not permanently printed.  We think temporary staff equals problems somewhere in the company.  Fortunately for us, we have staff that are with us for the long haul.  Even better, our staff are friends we’ve grown up with over the years and we all went to school together, except for Henry.  How lucky we are to have a team that we can trust, rely on, laugh with and learn from.

In 2007, Richard became co-owner of Mr. Mattress and joined our family business. He and Bob have been friends since the 8th grade.

Henry has been with us now for more than 15 years. If you speak Mandarin, he’s here to help answer questions you may have.

Brian has been working with us for more than 7 years.  He too went to school with Bob and Richard. And Olav, Brian’s brother, worked for us for a number of years as well. All in the family!

L-R Brian, Henry, Richard, Bob

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