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Our Mattress Gallery

Flippable Mattress, Two-sided mattressWe carry the largest selection of two-sided mattresses in all of Canada. All our mattresses are made locally right here in the Lower Mainland by Restwell® Sleep Products.

We have traditional continuous coil mattresses, pocket coil mattresses, memory foam mattresses, low-profile mattresses, foam encased pocket coil mattresses, mattresses with pillow top, tight top and euro top. A mattress for everybody, whether you prefer a firm mattress, designed to last, or a soft mattress. And the best news? All our mattresses are flippable, padded on both sides and always will be. That’s great news for you! A two-sided mattress lasts at least twice as long as a no flip. Mattress Gallery >>

Truth About No Flip Mattresses

Did you know?  It’s getting more and more difficult to source a two-sided mattress today? Most mattress retailers sell what is called a no flip mattress.  You might be thinking, “So?”. Well, a no flip mattress is designed with upholstrey on just one side.  The other side isn’t padded, so there is only one sleeping surface. Go ahead, we know you want to… Check out the other side of a no flip mattress. What do you see and feel?

Good news! Here at Mr. Mattress, we only sell two-sided, flippable mattresses. You get the best value, because our mattresses last at least twice as long as no flip. It’s true. So not only are you getting more value for your money, you’re actually helping to reduce our ecological footprint. Buying locally made mattresses that last at least twice as long as no flip. So what do you think? We figured you’d want to know, being the savvy-consumer that you are. Read More (PDF) >>

Is a Mattress Sale Really a Sale?

When shopping for a mattress, we recommend you take your time and shop around. Decide to buy when you are ready to buy and try not to feel pressured because the “sale event” is over in one day. We all like to get a deal, but trust us – sales are really not sales. They are a marketing hype to get the consumer to buy before they loose out on a “deal”. Is it really true that some poor soul spent 25%, or even 50% more for the same mattress just days before? For more tips and truths. Download Our Mattress Buyer’s Guide (PDF) >>

We’re Blushing

Thank you, Vancouver for letting us be your original mattress store! We’re blushing. We’ve received some terrific comments and kudos from our customers, both new and repeat. We hope you all get a minimum of 7 hours sleep each night to help you lead a healthy lifestyle. Snooze, sleep, repeat. Why We’re Blushing >>

Pillows, Pillow Protectors, Mattress Protectors + Bed Bug Protectors

Are you in need of pillows, pillow protectors or mattress protectors? We can help. We’re proud to offer not just one product line, but two. So you can choose. Protect yourself, your pillows and your mattress and box with solutions made by Novo Sleep Systems® located in South Surrey, BC. Locally made for you. And Protect-A-Bed®. Both product lines offer products that are rated Class A Medical Devices by Health Canada.

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